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Teeth Whitening in Scarborough, ON 

Looking to get affordable teeth whitening in Scarborough, ON? Boost your confidence with a set of white pearly teeth.

While brushing and flossing are good ways to keep your teeth in mint condition, many of us may notice that our teeth appear yellower, greyer, or duller than they used to be. The most effective way to improve the look of your smile is to get whiter teeth.

Our certified teeth whitening dentist near you, at My Dentist @ Middlefield offers safe and effective teeth whitening treatment in Scarborough, ON, that can leave your teeth stain-free and makeover your smile.

Common Reasons Why Teeth Change Color

Patients in Scarborough, ON may experience discoloration of teeth due to various reasons: 

Beverages and drinks: Coffee, eat, and wine is the most common culprits as far as staining teeth are concerned. Intense color pigments called ‘chromogens’ are found in these drinks, and they stick to the whiter, outer layer of teeth (the enamel).

Use of Tobacco: Two substances: Tar and nicotine stain found in tobacco stain the teeth. While tar leaves behind darker stains, nicotine marks are typically yellowish in color.

Natural Ageing Process: As we age, the yellowish softer layer that lies beneath harder, whiter enamel becomes more exposed. Dental enamel often wears down over the years.

Medications: Certain blood pressure and anti-allergy medications, and some antibiotics can result in discolored teeth. Head and neck radiation therapy or chemotherapy may also lead to tooth discoloration. 

Are There Any Undesirable Side-Effects of Teeth Whitening?

Apart from heightened sensitivity for a few hours, there are no side-effects. This may happen when the whitening agent seeps into the dentin layer. Keep in mind that the overuse of teeth whitening DIY products can damage your gums. It’s very important to opt for safe treatment from recognized clinics.

Teeth whitening performed by unqualified and unregistered salons can cause unpleasant side-effects. My Dentist @ Middlefield near you, offers reliable teeth whitening in Scarborough, ON, that can transform your smile.

If you’re interested in teeth whitening in Scarborough, ON, feel free to call, email us or book an appointment. Our patient-friendly teeth whitening dentist near you in Scarborough, are always happy to provide information regarding benefits, procedures, and costs.

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