Root Canal

Root Canal in Scarborough, ON

The root canal in Scarborough, ON, earned a bad reputation in media but is actually a necessary procedure for many adults in the United States. If you are experiencing severe pain in one of your teeth and are concerned for your oral health and wellness, consider seeing if you need a root canal near you in Scarborough, ON.

What Is a Root Canal?

The root canal is a surgical procedure designed to treat a severely infected tooth. During this treatment, our skilled dentist opens a tooth and removes infected and decayed soft pulp to alleviate pain and mitigate an infection. Once the pulp is gone, a substance called gutta-percha is inserted and allowed to harden to form a new interior. The entire tooth is then capped with a crown.

The root canal is designed to preserve as much of the original structure of the tooth as possible while eliminating damage and any threat to a patient’s health. Although many people assume the treatment is painful, My Dentist @ Middlefield uses the latest techniques and technology. This means you experience no pain or discomfort during the procedure and will be offered high-quality aftercare to recover.

The Benefits

The main benefit of a root canal in Scarborough, ON, is the removal of an infection that has been causing pain and suffering. Once the affected soft tissues are gone, you will be able to use the tooth like normal. This means you will have an easier time eating, chewing, and speaking without pain or discomfort.

Besides this, there are some other benefits to root canals in Scarborough, ON. One is that you now have a tooth that is less susceptible to decay since the structure has been partially replaced with durable materials. For some, this can make it easier to manage overall oral health and wellness.

How to Receive Treatment

If you need a root canal, schedule an appointment with our Endodontist in Scarborough, ON, at My Dentist @ Middlefield. You can be a new patient and still receive treatment after an oral exam and diagnosis by our skilled dentist. We keep flexible office hours to suit your schedule better and offer comprehensive treatment and aftercare to help you recover.

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