Partials and Dentures

Partials & Dentures in Scarborough, ON

Are you living with missing teeth? If you’ve been considering tooth replacement options, partials or dentures in Scarborough, ON, from My Dentist @ Middlefield could be the answer for you. These dental prosthetics have been a popular choice for years, and for good reason. They look and feel almost like natural teeth, giving you back the function and appearance of your smile. When you visit our dental office near you for this tooth restoration, you can have confidence that you will be fitted with a high-quality dental prosthetic and that you will be happy with your newly-restored smile. 

What are Full and Partials Dentures?

Dentures in Scarborough, ON, are a dental prosthetic that is worn on the gums and is removable. They consist of the tooth replacement fixed to a pink base that resembles the gums. Dentures are used when a full line of teeth have been lost. Partials are a similar dental prosthetic, though they are attached to teeth that remain on the gums. 

Why Should You Use Partials or Dentures?

If your missing teeth are not located in a highly visible area of the mouth, or they do not interfere with your daily activities much, you may think that it’s not necessary to have them replaced. This can have a negative effect on the health of your teeth, however. Leaving a gap along your gumline untreated provides room for the remaining teeth to move around. Additionally, you could experience a bone recession in the areas where there are no longer any teeth. This could eventually lead to a change in facial structure and, in addition to affecting your bite, will give you a more aged appearance. Full and Partials dentures near you, whichever are more appropriate for you, will not only prevent this from happening but will improve on your ability to eat and speak.

Full and Partials Dentures in Scarborough, ON

When you visit our office at My Dentist @ Middlefield to have your smile restored, we will take detailed measurements of your teeth and gums to have the dentures or partials created. If you don’t want a long waiting period, you might want to use immediate dentures, but if you want a more secure and comfortable fit, you’ll want to choose conventional dentures. Our dentist will be able to make the best recommendation for you.

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