Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Scarborough, ON

Are you looking for the right dental restorations for missing teeth? Dental crowns in Scarborough, ON, are effective, affordable, and aesthetic. My Dentist @ Middlefield offers a variety of tooth crowns near you, and we’re happy to discuss the features, benefits, and costs of each type.

Why Should You Consider Wearing Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are versatile and offer a range of benefits to patients.

  • They are ideal for restoring teeth to their natural size and shape; this helps them blend in with the rest of your dental arch.
  • Dental Crowns in Scarborough, ON, protect weak or chipped teeth and prevent them from breaking further; they can delay a tooth extraction by protecting the damaged tooth.
  • They are ideal for holding fillings and covering implants.
  • Tooth crowns near you, hide discolorations and strengthen your teeth.

Your dentist in Scarborough, ON, may also suggest that you wear a dental crown to correct minor rotations or positions of teeth as well to close gaps. If you’re looking for dental crowns near you, feel free to contact us for more information.

Dental Crown Procedures at My Dentist Middlefield

When they hear that they need a crown, many patients worry that it may hurt. Fixing crowns is a fairly straightforward and common dental procedure.

First, the tooth that is to receive the crown will be prepared by the dentist. The local area will be numbed to keep the patient relaxed, and a part of the tooth will be worm down to make room for the dental crown. We make it a point to keep all our patients relaxed during dental procedures.

Your dentist will then take impressions and fit a temporary dental crowns in the meantime until the permanent is ready to wear. Nowadays, we also offer same-day crowns that are as durable and effective as permanent crowns.

During the second appointment, our team will fit the permanent crown and check for fit and comfort. Dental crowns are considered an attractive and functional solution to many common dental issues.

Visit My Dentist @ Middlefield for dental crowns in Scarborough, ON, near you. Our experts will evaluate your oral cavity and suggest the best type of tooth crowns for you.

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