Most Common Dental Issues Needing Prompt Treatment from Emergency Dentistry

Most Common Dental Issues Needing Prompt Treatment from Emergency Dentistry

Aug 01, 2020

Dental emergencies can affect anyone during an intense game of basketball or while having the foods you love the most. Regardless of where the crisis occurred, you undoubtedly need professional help from urgent dental care.

Getting to an emergency dental clinic is essential to maintain your dental health, but there are things you can do to prevent further damage. We want to provide information on the five most common dental issues with recommendations of what you can do to help yourself in these situations.

1. Cracked Tooth

If your tooth cracks or fractures, contact your dentist immediately if available or emergency dental care to receive the treatment you need. Minimize the pain and discomfort by taking over-the-counter pain medications and be liberal with ice packs on your cheek to reduce swelling. You will feel much better later on if you can lay our hands on as many ice packs as you can.

2. Knocked-out Tooth

If you have knocked out your tooth accidentally, it is essential to save the tooth for the dentist to reattach it. Rinse the tooth by holding it by the crown without scrubbing the roots and place it inside your cheek to keep it moist. If you are fearful of swallowing it, you can set the tooth in a tiny container of fresh milk and attempt to reach your dentist within the hour. It will help the dental professional to assess the damage and to decide on the best course of action.

3. Infected or Painful Tooth

If you believe you have an oral infection of any kind, it is essential to get help as soon as possible. Oral diseases in the form of a dental abscess are life-threatening, but if you cannot meet your regular dentist, you must contact the emergency dentist in Scarborough, ON, for a remedy. He or she can determine the extent of the infection to recommend a treatment to eliminate it. Do not attempt to treat the disease yourself because you may aggravate the condition.

4. Dental Crown Falling off

If you realize your dental crown is coming off, try to hold it to prevent swallowing it or losing it altogether. Place a tiny dab of dental wax on the back of the crown to temporarily place it back on the tooth. Do not bite down too hard on the crown and schedule an appointment with emergency services right away to have the crown replaced.

5. Jaw Pain or Broken Jaw

Your jaw could be broken in an accident requiring you to see your dentist immediately. Use ice packs on your face to prevent swelling and avoid eating solid foods until you have seen the dentist in Scarborough, ON.

Accidents and emergencies can affect anyone, but there are safeguards you can adopt to prevent damage to your teeth. Staying away from tough foods like popcorn and caramel is helpful, so is using mouthguards if involved in contact sports.

Dental emergencies, although common and occurring when least expected, are stressful and cause dental anxiety. There are, however, incidences where you can limit the damages to your oral cavity by attempting to identify dental emergencies early. Regular visits to your dentist will help him or her to detect issues in your mouth like loose crowns or fillings. The dental professional can develop a treatment plan for you to correct the problems in your mouth without waiting for the emergency to occur.

Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth for two minutes at a time twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, floss your teeth at least once every day regardless of what time it is and suggest flossing before brushing to loosen food particles and plaque, use an antiseptic mouthwash and visit the dental office every six months for cleanings and checkups.

Following the recommendations of the dental professional will help to prevent most emergencies besides accidents against which safeguards like mouthguards can be adopted to avoid damage to your teeth. You can take excellent care of your oral health, but you have no control over when and how an emergency can affect you. Therefore it will be helpful if you added an additional layer of protection to prevent most emergencies or at least limit the damages you may suffer by adopting the measures suggested in this blog.

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